Email from Robert J. Sawyer
to Jonah A. Manley

Hi, Jonah!  Your grandmother Sandra Davidson let me know that your dad read my novel CALCULATING GOD to you.  I’m so glad that you enjoyed my book!

Hollus is one of my favourites of all the characters I’ve created.  She’s actually named for a friend of mine, Peter Halasz; Halasz is a Hungarian last name, but it’s pronounced “Hollus” by most English speakers.  Peter was quite surprised when he read the book and discovered that Hollus turned out to be female!

(Incidentally, Hollus’s home planet, Forhilnor, is named for the condominium development I used to live in:  it’s a contraction of Forest Hills North.)

What I like best about Hollus is that she is so calm and reasonable.  Too many people get angry when they argue about something; it’s much better to, as Hollus does, just listen to the other person carefully, and then respond politely.  And, of course, if the other person has made a good point, to acknowledge that point and maybe even change your own mind. 🙂

I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed my writing.  When I was your age, there was essentially no home schooling, but two of my own nieces have been home schooled.  I think it’s wonderful when you have good people teaching you — and your father is clearly one of those!

All best wishes!

Rob Sawyer
(in Mississauga)