Dreamin’ Misty Mountains

“I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Tell your son that video was freaking AWESOME!”
– Garrett Robinson, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Nightblade
and producer of Tolkien Tuesday

For hundreds of years, little boys have daydreamed of being a knight, going on quests with dragons, treasure and maybe a wizard. This latest video from Jonah’s World tries to capture that childhood sentiment. 8-year old Jonah recites “Over The Misty Mountains Cold” – the dwarves marching song from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Filmed in autumn 2014 and winter 2015 at T.J. Dolan Natural Area, Stratford, Ontario. Released on Jonah’s 9th birthday. Includes blooper and behind the scenes footage.

“Twas a joy to watch. Jonah is so expressively frank – or perhaps frankly expressive?”
– Wolfgang Worzbacher, New Hamburg, Ontario, Pfennings Organic & More

“I can see him on a Stratford stage one day! Great work, Jonah!”
– Pam Killeen, London, Ontario author of Survival of the Unfittest

“Thank you for making my day!”
– Nelson Couto, Ontario, United Way Perth Huron

“Well . . . I’m impressed! What a performance! I’m very proud of you, Jonah! ”
– Susan Hamilton, Stratford, Ontario, voice teacher