Agincourt II: Sell My Bones

“Dramatic, well-done and funny.”
–Woflgang Worzbacher, Pfennings Organic
& More

Eight year old Jonah Manley is back with another heroic speech from Shakespeare’s King Henry V. This video is a sequel to Jonah’s 2014 video, The Battle of Agincourt. It includes behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and more music from the Swedish band Rising Shadows. Filmed in Stratford, Ontario in the fall of 2015 at TJ Dolan Natural Area. Released 601 years after the actual 1415 Battle of Agincourt.

“Excellent production – realistic setting, authentic costume, good story –
lively and passionate recitation with compelling gestures and command.”
– Christine Bauman,

“Terrific!   Thunderous applause and loud cheers!”
–John Eaton, British Columiba