One Boy, Two Christmas Carols
and 88 Piano Keys

“Absolutely impressive. What a beautiful piano you have, Jonah,
and you handle it so confidently. BRAVO!” – James Colbeck, Stratford, Ontario Canada
author of The Great Peanut Caper

Jonah Aaron Manley performing “Little Drummer Boy” and “I Saw Three Ships” on the piano. Christmas Eve 2017.

“Jonah definitely has some musical chops!”
–Phill Bolsta, Encinitas, California, USA,
author of Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything

“Great job! We both enjoyed this very much.”
–Grandma & Grandpa Manley, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Wonderful, bravo!!  Thank you for sharing!”
– Karen Waschinski, Elora, Ontario, Canada, Flying Leap B&B

“Nice job playing the Christmas carols!”
– Mike Ryan, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

“He’s so talented.” – Duane Tucker, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“He is a talented little boy.” – Ole Egholm Jackson, Denmark